Marrakech – The perfect weekend?

Shopping, Spa, Gardens, Food, Private Use ‘Riads’, Sunshine, Short flight, Great Value. Well, I’m struggling to find its bad point… 

Marrakech hasn’t waned in popularity especially for girls weekends. It is still a destination about which I am constantly asked. (Maybe that’s something to do with how much I proactively offer my opinions on the Red City!) Having been surprised by a girls’ weekend for my 40th, I can 100% vouch for the fact that it is possibly the most ideal spot. 

Couples? Now, that’s a different story. This is a seriously romantic place to be – somehow the smells, sights and exoticism lend themselves perfectly to providing the backdrop to an anniversary kid-free getaway. 

Families? Yes! If you’re brave enough! Keep hold of those little hands and don’t let go. The bikes and crazy vehicles that squeeze through those souks must be avoided at all costs by small people! But what’s really opened up Marrakech to the world of the family traveller are the resorts in the Palmeraie and other areas where Morocco proves excellent value to families who have been priced out of further afield hot places.

All in all, a destination I rave about a lot and know well, so do let me know if you want a Marrakech chat!

(However, an aside… I do continue to question why I hear of groups of young macho men go out there. Call me sexist but I’d say that pretty much everything we love the most was what my husband wouldn’t be looking for in a lads weekend 😉 

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