Is it time to give agents a chance?

Do we really need Travel Agents? Don’t we all know how to book a flight, a hotel, and get ourselves from A to B? The answer is yes. But is it about time we looked at why they might just be worth giving a chance?


We get a great sense of reward when we’ve cracked it ourselves. We read 47 articles, checked out 261 customer reviews, did 28 price comparisons and finally made our decision and entered our card details. Brilliant.

But what could you have done with that time? Could you have cuddled up to your 6-year old on the sofa in front of Bake Off rather than getting up close and personal to your laptop? Could you have opened the latest Book Club choice and enjoyed an extra 30 pages before bed? Or could you have avoided having to hide the screen from your colleagues each time they appeared anywhere near your desk?


There is nothing to say booking with an agent is going to cost you more. Okay, so sometimes it might. But very often it won’t. Given that it includes the financial protection too, maybe those few pounds are worth their weight in gold anyway.


We all know there are many, many things that can go wrong in the world of travel. There are strikes, cancellations, companies going under, you name it. Travel agents have financial protection to offer and that, in itself, is invaluable. So a credit card company might give you a refund eventually, but they won’t book you an alternative.


A what? A person? Not a robot? Exactly that – you get someone to whom you can actually speak. Or email. Or text. However YOU want to communicate. And that person is experienced, spends their time, day in and day out, doing what you do a few times a year. They know where to look, where to avoid. Trust them!

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