Ikos Resorts, the All Inclusive of your dreams

The All Inclusive resort has long been a phenomenon of the long haul destinations or mid-range European hotspots. Stories of the buffets sitting out for hours in the height of humidity while being prodded by sandy little fingers, and half-empty local spirit cocktails littering every horizontal service imaginable, all while the children run feral with fifth ice-cream of the day in hand… maybe all of these have put you off?

But what about the huge benefits of the All Inclusive concept?
Paying for literally E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G by the time you’re even contemplating asking for the time off work, let alone packing your bags…
The idea of screams of ‘I’m hungry’ not filling you with dread…
Cringing when you realise the prices you were looking at on the menu were only the Starters…

So along came the Guardian Angels of the Greek hotel world, with one of those why-has-nobody-already-thought-of-this ideas. A truly luxury All Inclusive resort. Why ever not? People are paying through the nose for luxury All Inclusives in the Maldives for Winter Sun, so surely they’re happy to pay a fraction of this in Europe for Summer Sun. It turns out they are, but all for a very good reason.

Ikos have opened 4 resorts so far (in Sept 2019) – 2 in Halkidiki, 1 in Corfu, and 1 in Kos – and will be opening a fifth in May 2020, in Andalucia, Spain!

These resorts are classy. Their buffets are a display of everything you would possibly want to eat (included), you choose wine from a list (included), you can have A La Carte every night (included), there’s a plethora of land and water sports (included), and you can even head into some selected local tavernas to eat dinner (included).

The drawback? Ok, the price might shock you. But the trick with an Ikos offspring is to think about how this holiday is going to make you FEEL. Ok, your belly will be as full as it would be in the self-designated 5* down the road, but will that place really fill your soul in quite the same way?

Ikos have hit the nail on the head with that. They get under your skin. You try going to another All Inclusive resort in Europe after that. Good luck.

Ikos Olivia, Halkidiki

Ikos Oceania, Halkidiki

Ikos Dassia, Corfu

Ikos Aria, Kos

(Ikos Andalucia, Estepona – Opening May 2020)

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