Top Tailoring Tips on Making Those Travel Decisions

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DECISIONS DECISIONS DECISIONS. Believe me, I’m all out for the best deal – that’s my job on your behalf. However, the number of times I see someone lose the fabulous price they had originally because they spend days trying to find it £5 cheaper. You don’t need to make rushed decisions but I would absolutely recommend that you try to be as decisive as you can be.

1. Speak to your fellow decision makers, whether that be other half, family member, friends, beforehand. Try to make sure that they’re not on a 24-hour flight at the time you’d need to make a decision. For group trips, get a What’s App group set up so that you can pass the offers on immediately to the others.
2. Have full names and dates of birth ready, even if not looking to make the booking right there and then. Flights can often be held for you, but only with the full and correct details. (If the details are not correct, there’s no chance of amendment so you’d have to cancel and rebook, risking much higher fares).
3. Spend a few moments listing your top criteria IN ORDER. This is vital, as we’ve all got 64 things we’d love in our dream resort, but sadly not many of us have got that quite that budget to match! Putting them in order really focuses the mind so you can, as a family, group or couple, work out what compromises you would or wouldn’t make.
4. Think outside the box. Sometimes the trips that have been the biggest successes for customers have been the Wild Card I’ve suggested. Like going to Mauritius for less than Malta in the summer school holidays (yes, really!) or skiing in Colorado cheaper than Courchevel at Christmas.

I’m here to help you get those criteria straight in your head, even before you start looking. Just give me a call if you need to chat it through.

It’s what I do!

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