Confused in Lockdown?! Maybe I can help!

Confused?! Suffering from ‘Tripophobia; the fear of having no trips booked’?

I know that some of you are feeling lost and confused. What on earth is going on with your travel plans, and when can you book something to look forward to ‘on the other side’?

As you know, I firmly believe a decision of whether and when to book a trip for the future has to be your’s and your’s alone, not something you’re talked into or that you need to rush.

That’s why you don’t hear from me too often yet. We are still living in a pandemic for now.

But so many of you have started to ask me about when I think you should be looking to book again as you start to get Tripophobia.
So this felt like the right time to share some home truths…

Give me a call or drop me an email about any of these points, I’m here to help. It doesn’t have to be to make a booking!

Top Tailoring Tips:

  1. There is no travel insurance currently sold that will cover you for not travelling due to catching the Coronavirus before you leave and having to self-isolate. This may change at a later date but who knows right now! There is, however, some travel insurance that will cover you if you catch Covid19 when in resort/in the country. Again, this is all right here, right now. As we know, change is normal. (Check out Cyprus – the government has offered to pay for healthcare if you catch it when out there!)
  2. I wholeheartedly recommended you do not book flights online for which you pay full at the time of booking. You’ll only get a refund on these if they cancel the flights. If you are looking at flights in the future, ask for fares that are on low deposit but have flexibility until 6-8 weeks before departure. This is your simplest and cheapest get-out clause.
  3. If a flight goes ahead, your accommodation is open and the foreign office do not advise against that destination, you are expected to travel. Otherwise it is ‘disinclination to travel’ and you sacrifice your money. To some of you this is music to your ears, but not all.
  4. Booking a flight with accommodation through a registered operator/agent covers you with ATOL and comes under the regulations as a ‘package’.
  5. There are really low deposits out there, some of which are partly refundable in fact, so your risk can be minimal if Tripophobia is taking over your life. A decision will still need to be made by the payment deadline though! And do make sure your holiday is with a reputable supplier. There have been some coming out of these with a questionable reputation, believe me. Ask me if you’re unsure.

If you need a chat about any of this, just give me a call. Try not to be scared of what lies ahead but do keep your eyes open.
Contact me anytime. I’m here for you.
0800 0315242

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