How Tailoring Travel’s new affiliation with award-winning agency is a win-win for all!

Local Independent Travel Consultant, Tailoring Travel, becomes award-winning London agency’s first affiliate partner

Guildford & Godalming agent, Tailoring Travel, is delighted to announce the recent collaboration with award-winning Wimbledon travel agency, Swords Travel. As Swords’ first affiliate partner, Tailoring Travel will now be able to build on the existing services offered to its customers by adding the luxury, hand-picked and specialist suppliers known so well to Mark & Stuart Swords to their portfolio.

“I am really excited to take my business to the next level. The pandemic has been a time of reflection as well as a time of many challenges, and personally it felt like it was presenting me an opportunity to make a change,” explains Amelia Atkinson, founder of Tailoring Travel, somewhat emotionally. “I have spent years learning where my niche lay, also allowing the business take me in a natural direction, and hence have ended up fitting in perfectly with the Swords Travel brand. I was only ever going to move into partnership with a like-minded company that held the same principles as me for the sake of my treasured customers. From the first time I discussed the prospect of partnering with Mark & Stuart, it felt right. I love the drive they have to take the business and the brand to the next level, always looking for new ideas to develop, but always with service standards held as the top priority.”

Amelia adds “By becoming an affiliate of Swords Travel I will be holding on to the Tailoring Travel brand that I established in 2017 from my home office in Bramley, GU5, and to which I already have a good number of loyal followers.”

Having started in the industry 20 years ago – just days before 9-11 – working in Sales, Marketing & PR at London’s finest hotels including The Ritz London and The Goring, as well as niche travel supplier, Tots to Travel, Amelia has a natural flair for specialising in both Luxury and Family Travel. Although she spends much of her time helping hard-working families dream, plan and book their precious and well-earned holidays, she also has an extensive knowledge to design the perfect honeymoons, cruises and cultural tours.

The importance of booking with a travel agent has been highlighted since the breakout of the pandemic. According to reports in February 2021, over 2.3 million people still hadn’t received their money back for flights they were unable to take because they were booked directly and without cover.

“Booking a ‘package’ (a flight plus accommodation or ground transport) provides so much more protection than many travellers ever realised. With the fear that 2020-21 could happen again, it is essential that any trips booked have the financial protection that they deserve. You wouldn’t consider spending 1000s of pounds on goods without guarantee or cover normally, so a holiday should be no different. Travel agents do not charge for their service, they have the relationships with those suppliers and they do the work for you.

It’s a win win.”

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