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Every one of us needs 2022 to be our year. We need a year of choosing how and when to see our loved ones, of waving off our kids to school every single morning of the school year, and of making up for lost special moments. And, for so many of us, those most special of moments are made on our holidays. As our confidence to travel returns, we are not alone. Be it a trip to visit our relatives abroad, a bucket-list adventure we were busy planning in those dark lockdown days, or just simply a memory-making holiday to remember that there’s more to the world than our little bubble.

I speak to many of you parents planning your family’s memory-making activities and, take it from me, the biggest current focus is on the Easter Holidays 2022.

Easter (March/April) is a truly brilliant time to travel. The choice is wide for medium and long-haul destinations and we will by then be working our way out of the winter months ahead. But, with this ideal travel window comes high demand so it is essential we think ahead. Book in November for Easter. Trust me.

As you look ahead to Spring 2022, the list can be daunting and where we will actually find our holiday heaven is uncertain. So let me share with you my ‘Best For’ list that will give you exactly where I know – from my expertise and experience – are the best spots to enjoy a family Easter holiday next year. I’ve included my top hotel tip too!

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You will probably, along with millions of others, think of The Maldives as the ultimate honeymoon hideaway, a destination where you’ll sunbathe away the weeks until your seaplane arrives to collect you. However, The Maldives has become one of the ultimate locations to visit for a truly fun-filled family holiday. The resorts opening on these islands recently have often turned out to be centres of back-to-back activities for all ages, water and land-based sport hubs, Maldivian cultural learning complexes and with more restaurant offerings than you’d ever imagine a tiny ‘atoll’ could house.

The message is – Don’t discount The Maldives for a holiday with children with whom you want to give every opportunity to explore, learn, roam and relax all in one. The journey is easier than you’d imagine too.

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Soneva Jani

The villas over the water with the slides into the ocean might be this year’s most photographed hotel rooms but they have to be seen to be believed. But when you’re not sliding out of bed into the crystal clear sea, you could be hanging out in The Chocolate Room, discovering another world (literally) in the hotel’s Observatory, or in the Cinema Paradiso under the stars.

If this doesn’t quite hit the spot, look at the long-time Maldivian favourite for families, the beautiful One & Only Reethi Rah.



Mauritius is a seriously happy place. I send family after family to this practically-perfect island every year and always get a rave review. The island exudes a level of warmth, welcome and hospitality that you don’t get in all destinations. The Mauritians are excited to share their beautiful home with you, inviting you to enjoy what this tropical paradise has to offer. It’s the perfect spot for families who adore a resort with everything to hand – whether boutique or more fun-packed – but also want to get out and explore. Mauritius is wonderfully genuine and, to add to its appeal, luxury is affordable here.

The message is – Forget the long journey, Mauritius is somewhere that will remain in your heart forever once discovered. The only warning is that you won’t only visit once.

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Lux Belle Mare

A luxury hotel with its own Organic Farm? It speaks volumes about quite how invested in its surroundings this charming resort really feels. But also quite how fresh and delicious everything that will be served to you in the 5 restaurants will be. When you’re not introducing new ideas to those little taste buds, the immensely beautiful Belle Mare beach awaits.

If you prefer the idea of walking into a hub of Mauritian life, try Royal Palm Beachcomber for a luxurious escape in the heart of island activity.



Costa Rica is the number one trip for families who feel the time is right to explore and be brave. But not too brave. To me it’s the most manageable and accessible Treasure Island-like adventure you can have, while discovering new wildlife and unbelievable feasts for the eyes every single day. I would usually organise a tailor-made itinerary where a driver will take you between destination but you won’t need to be confined to a tour group’s boundaries.

The message is – Be ready to do activities you’ve never dared before (because you just don’t say no… it’s Costa Rica) and don’t be looking for the ultimate in luxurious accommodation. And, as you’re asking, YES YOU WILL SEE SLOTHS.

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Hotel Belmar Monteverde

A Swiss Chalet-style hotel in a cloud forest setting that has sustainability at its very core. Everything about it is to preserve the unique surroundings and share its special place in the world with its guests. From horseback riding through the endless forests to sharing locally-sourced feasts with fellow discoverers, I just love what Belmar adds to the inimitable patchwork of a Costa Rica adventure.

If you’ve got a beach escape in mind, make sure you add in Capitan Suizo. It’s right on Tamarindo Beach and couldn’t be a more perfect spot for R&R after the exhilaration of Costa Rica!



So many winter sun destinations involve a long flight. The number of times I am asked by parents of toddlers for an alternative to the Canary Islands that only entails a manageable flight. There’s a reason that Dubai continues to go from strength to strength, with hotel offerings growing in number at all times. Don’t think of it as just a high-rise, frantic city – there’s always a space to escape to and it’s hard not to find at least one resort that would work for you. And with little ones…. When Dubai do something, they do it well. Look at their Aquarium for starters! If Kids Clubs are a must-have for your relaxing winter escape, you can’t fail here. If large accommodations with space for all family members to hide is an essential, you’ll find it here too. Now, you can even find the perfect All Inclusive luxury too.

The message is – Steer clear of the cheapest Dubai flights, as the timings are horrendous. Emirates is an excellent airline for children and the largest TV screens of any airline in Economy will keep your little people occupied.

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Jumeirah Madinat

All the hotels in the area known as The Madinat are run by Jumeirah and are my favourite hideaway in the whirlwind of Dubai. Choose any of these beauties to experience a Middle Eastern style of luxury with rooms plenty large enough for all family members to get a good night’s sleep (!) but also to enjoy a Kids Club that takes children from 2+. You’ll be located in a much easier spot than on the Palm to get to the ski slope and the mall, the famous fountains, and still have a beautiful beach to enjoy on-site.

If you like the All-Inclusive concept, Jebel Ali is only a few miles further on and is its own family-friendly beach world! With Creche for babies too!



I know it seems very sweeping to recommend ‘The Alps’ but if you’re a skier you’ll know that late March/early April doesn’t always give the best powdery snow throughout every resort. It’s high-altitude (or well artificially maintained resorts) only. My best spots for Spring skiing are Tignes/Val d’Isere, Obergurgl and Val Thorens. If you’re heading off with the little ones, it’s essential to remember that they might not have the physical endurance to hit the pistes all day every day so going somewhere with other activities on offer is always a good idea. An easy town to navigate in ski boots is never a bad thing too!

The message is – Be as flexible as you can. The flights are already looking crazy busy to the main ski airport hubs and chalet accommodation has taken a hit this year with Brexit and Covid issues.

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Val Thorens Sensations, Club Med

If it’s been a while since you’ve all skied, or if it’s the children’s first time, I couldn’t recommend the Club Med resort in Val Thorens highly enough. The anguish that come with a family ski holiday – sorting everyone’s boots out, lugging around cumbersome skis and agreeing on timings that work for everyone’s individual plans – is taken entirely away. But without a crazy price and without removing the fabulous Alpine meals that a chalet or individual hotel offers. High-end all-inclusive ski, what’s not to like?

If you can’t get your head around the Club Med concept, try a more independent Hotel Alpina Deluxe in Obergurgl, where the 5-course evening meals and the location in the centre of this vibrant resort can only please!



It seems we all have our idea of what a cruise is. One thing I know is that there is a cruise out there for (almost) everyone. One size doesn’t fit all, and there are some lines I wouldn’t try, while for others they are staunch brand loyalists. But if you want the easiest everything-taken-care-of holiday possible, take a cruise. You won’t get this extent of on-hand activity, service, convenience, top cuisine and, if you choose right, luxury in many places. Cruise lines are bending over backwards to add new unique experiences – like camping at sea, ice-skating and cycling… in the sky!

The message is – For ocean cruising in the Easter holidays, take those that circle the Caribbean islands from Florida for the best at-sea conditions. European waters can be choppy in Spring.

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Celebrity Cruises have launched 2 ships since 2020 which have been created “for the non-traditional cruise goer”. To appeal the new cruise customer. Take the Edge or the Apex on their 7 night itinerary from Fort Lauderdale (so add a few nights in Miami to jazz it up!) Discover their family-friendly, top luxury holiday getaway and you won’t look back. With their “Everything Included” program every single family member can please themselves all day long, without need for worry. Meanwhile the stops along the way will give you chance to explore The Bahamas and Cozumel while only unpacking your suitcase once!

If a week feels like a little too much of a commitment to cruising at this stage, take a Florida beach, Keys or theme park holiday and add a 3 or 4 night night trip on a Disney Cruise for the ultimate way to win Brownie points with your children!

These are my honest opinions but everything I do and recommend is tailored to YOU and only YOU.

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