My favourites in Luxury Family Travel – January 2022

More than anything else, I’m asked for tip-offs. Where’s hot, and where’s not? Where is everyone else booking? What type of trips are they taking? Which hotels have been upgraded or renovated? Which are taking their sustainability responsibilities most seriously?

Let me introduce you to a few nuggets as it stands in January 2022.

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USA Road Trips

You will never, ever regret choosing a Road Trip through the US as your holiday. Even though you may think sitting by a pool and being waited on hand-and-foot is the only place you can imagine you and your little people being happy, I honestly beg to differ.

There’s a time and a place, don’t get me wrong, but please don’t get to the point where your children don’t embrace adventure and discovery.

Driving through an area of the giant of a country that is the US of A, doesn’t have to be a stress, it doesn’t even have to be the mainstay of a trip. Take these ideas as examples for Summer 2022 to combine the poolside luxury with memory-making and discovery.

Start in the beautiful Colorado mountains, where resorts so known for their skiing become beautiful luxury hideaways for families who want to combine poolside lounging with exciting activity unlike any seen in Europe. Drive your way through Wild West scenery of Monument Valley and Gran Canyon. To take some moments to digest the jaw-dropping road trip you’ve just been lucky enough to experience, finish up for a good stint in one Las Vegas’ best hotels with pools the kids won’t want to leave, more choice of restaurants than you can even envisage and a bucket-list show.

Or maybe you’d like to track the East Coast, including a buzzing New York experience for the littl’uns, down the New Jersey shoreline, a stop at Ocean City and then a week in your very own rental in Virginia Beach. Popping in on Mr President before flying home, it’s certainly a true American vibe for your summer!

There are endless opportunities – as jam-packed or as chilled-out as you wish. Just allow the kids to really have something to present in Show & Tell in September!

Greek Favourites

Whatever happens, Greece is always my front-runner in demand when it comes to summer holidays. It’s not hard to understand why. With so much choice, endless beautiful coastlines and beaches, food to die for, and luxury at an excellent price, it’s a tough one to beat.

But where to choose?

Best for May Half-Term –

If Crete isn’t delivering what you hoped for, take a look at Rhodes as an alternative. It is often overlooked as a Greek island, and many think of it as a party centre, but it is seriously rich in culture and also good warmth in late May.

Best for an adults’ only weekend away –

Try Mykonos for some delicious hotels with insta-views and your choice of any level of nightlife. You can find the chilled-out taverna-type vibe or, of course, the hedonistic all-nighters too. Either way, you’ll get the scenery you imagined and a child-free refresh!

Best for Family Summer –

As a certified Ambassador for Sani and Ikos, I know for a fact that these resorts are hard to beat when looking for a truly convenient on-site family holiday filled with fun and luxury. However, it’s important to consider other options especially if it’s time to try something different.

The Peloponnese is a region on the mainland which houses the Costa Navarino – now Greece’s most sustainable destination so one to watch if you are looking to travel responsibly and teach your children to travel with consideration.

Stay At….

Romanos Resort

Check out the Romanos Resort, where I know you will feel all the weight of the world fall away as you fall into the arms of this hotel. Welcoming families as warmly as couples, please think away from the islands and focus on Costa Navarino as a future trip.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is finding its rightful place at the table of international travel in 2022 –
The Maldives is the destination we’ve been sitting at our kitchen table dreaming over for the last 2 years. But so has Bill next door, so the prices are sitting accordingly.
Mauritius is the one you don’t think you can afford but happily this year may be your chance. So much choice for families and new direct flights opened up, it’s a go!
And The Seychelles is the wild card!

Maldives –

Keep an open mind when planning that trip of a lifetime.
Yes, you can take the kids.
No, you may not be able to take them to an over-water villa.
You may like to look at mixing a water villa with a beach villa.
Don’t try to piece together The Maldives by yourself!

Mauritius –

Consider this glorious colourful and vibrant island for Easter but book soon and you might even get direct flights.
Look at the huge wide range of hotel options that will allow for families in great room layouts.
You will get some awesome deals in summer if you don’t mind the flight.
Indirect flights via Dubai are easy, but wait until next year before overnight-stops on the way.

Seychelles –

A totally doable but totally different option to its Indian Ocean alternatives.
This is a holiday for island hopping – unlike the Maldives.
Cover at least 2 islands, so not recommended for toddlers and very young families if parents want the simple life.
Such an awesome experience but ask the experts.

Stay At….

Cora Cora Maldives

I love it when I’m excited by a new resort opening – and Cora Cora is truly exciting stuff. When I’m taking my kids to the Maldives, I’ll be taking them to Cora Cora, or even my husband! Proper white sand stuff of my, and your, dreams but with watersports and restaurants to keep boredom at bay.

Let me hold your hand

If there’s anything the last 2 years have taught us it’s that life is short, life is special and life is here to be lived.

Don’t try to do any of the above by yourself or blindly – ask for help.

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