Are your holidays really working for you?

What does relaxation truly mean to you?

Have you ever come back from your holiday forgetting that it ever happened the moment the first cycle of the washing machine starts to spin?

Have you taken two paperbacks in your case only to return with only 8 pages thumbed?

Can you honestly say that the aim of the holiday to relax and rejuvenate has come to fruition each time, regardless of how much money you’ve thrown at it? None of us really can, it’s true, but are we booking the right trips for our needs?

We all believe that The Beach Holiday provides the optimum use of those precious holiday days. We work hard at a screen day in day out, so we obviously need to decamp onto a sandy white beach and allow one day to morph into the next, right? Well, that may be true of some of us, it may be true of certain times of our lives, or even of our year. But maybe we all need to consider that there could be other ways to find the route to a longer-lasting rejuvenation, stress-reduction that comes back home and inspiration that allows us to use our holidays as a springboard to living our best lives….

Recently, I was fortunate to be invited to experience the wonders of Utah on a private tailor-made escorted guide trip. My first thoughts – Will Utah be of any use to my family-centric customers? Is it really most effective use of my time to feedback an experience of a privately-driven, toured holiday format? That goodness that my years in the travel industry have taught me to think outside the box. Off I went and – wow – were my eyes well and truly opened.

Be looked after

The true antidote to our everyday lives as parents is when someone looks after us. Our every needs. Yes, that happens in an All-Inclusive resort when the only call to make is whether it’s ice-cream or mojito time. But it quickly occurred to me that this luxury of being decision-free and blissfully unaware of time is still wholly possible even with a busy schedule. I learned to give in to the plans – allowed myself to be swept along, told which layers to be wearing based on the weather forecast, how long before the next wee stop and even handed snacks and water when we had been too long without. The only concept I seemed to have of time was when the scarlet sunset came out to greet me, or I looked up into the huge carpet of twinkling stars. (Well, and of course whether it was cocktail time yet!)

Lose that screen

One need for us all from a holiday today is to lose that screen. Switch off. Let it go. And for me, and many of you, it’s particularly true of The Teenager. Our poolside idyll will pretty reliably have wifi so what’s to stop darling teen from filling in all moments not on the paddleboard with TikTok and Snapchat, just like home. Do you really fancy the same argument but just with a prettier backdrop? Imagine if you left that argument at home for a whole fortnight as there was just too much else to feast his/her senses on!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We very often sweat the small stuff when we spend endless days in our sunset sea-view beach-front over-water inter-connecting dine-around two-bedroom private-pool executive suite… The website painted a picture but should the lounger on the terrace face the wrong way or the depth of the private pool be a few inches too shallow do we allow it too much airtime in our thoughts? Maybe the focus of the trip could benefit from moving away from the facilities of a man-made structure to the wonder and awe of the big wide world? Nature rarely disappoints.

So why not ask a few questions when booking your 2023 trip this time….

  • Can I DO a little more than I think – add in a few days of activities, book a few excursions, or maybe make the holiday a twin-centre of city/mountain/culture and beach?
  • Could all the family benefit from a more memory-making experience but where the stress is taken away by someone to take charge? (No groups with strangers required!)
  • Will our trip add something to the patchwork of our family memories? Will we be inspired to live our best lives?
  • Is there a family holiday dream we haven’t yet explored?

Give me a call. It’s time to make sure these holidays for which you’ve worked so hard, waited so long and really deserve work for you.

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